Thank you for your generous support!

We are so grateful to our many donors who have supported us during this difficult time for choirs and arts groups.  Thank you so much for your generous and constant support.

The dragon has always been a symbol of Welsh culture – going as far back as King Arthur’s father – Uther Pendragon (Head Dragon). It recalls the determination of warriors who have stood up for the Celts throughout history. Our thanks to these ‘dragons’, whose donations are helping to keep the Celtic musical tradition alive.


Red Dragons ($50+)

Gordon and Minke Armstrong, John Barker, Robert Baturin, Dorothy Bayley, Grace Bergman, Patricia A. Bingham, Donald Blake, Pauline Buck, Susan Campbell, Mary Frances Ceccato, Michelle Crosby, Doug & Judy  Cruickshank, Fred Culbert, Corinne Dahlo, D’Anne Davis, Roger Eastwood, Wendy Fay, Finch Media, Margaret Elena Fincher, Finning, Diane Forward, Charlie Fox, Leslie Gaudette, Karen Holden, Sally Holland, Jane Hua, Irene Huang, Clara Hughes, John James, James Jamison, George and June Kawaguchi, Rick Kennett, Eileen Knight, Eurilda Larsen, Alan R Le Fevre, Canby Martin, Madelaine Maser, Ken Mayne, Angelika McDougall, Colin McKenzie, Richard McMullan, Richard Merchant, John Moran, Elaine Peterson, Diana Post, Ron Pousette, Bruce Rosberg, Clive Rush, David Sproule, Kathleen Talstra, Bob Tulk, Howard Vickberg, Margaret Walwyn, Claire Weeks, Christopher Wiggins, Jean Winslade, and Deming Yang


Silver Dragons ($150+)

Simon Baker, Donna Battye, Eric George Berkefeld, Victor Chen, Marijke Crosby, Heather Davies, Don Ellis, Estate of John McIntosh, Tom Fell, Donald Fitzpatrick, Ellen Foulkes, Donald Friesen, Rodney Glynn-Morris, Keith Graham, Charles Grierson, Paul Guiton, Ed Heel, Colin and Lois  Hicks, Gerry Hildebrand, Charles Xiaoping Hu, David Justice, Dana Justice, Robert Kochendorfer, Lin Matthews, Philomena McCallum, Terence Metcalfe, Susan Moore, Derek Mowatt, Krista Nickel, Jan Nordin, Ann Pederson, Bob Rangno, Margaret Rowland, Timothy Ryan, Alister Sinclair, Marilyn Taylor, John Tokunoh, Tsawwassen Order of Old Bastards, Ike and Lois Voth, and Richard Walker


Golden Dragons ($500+)

Army Navy and Airforce Veterans in Canada, Bader Philantropies, Alan Dahlo, Dick and Helga Dendy, Elwin Evans, David Gilder, John Kay, Donald W. Lintott, Alistair Martin, James Moore, Michael and Margaret Quick, RBC Dominion Securities, RBC Royal Bank, RGF Integrated Wealth Management, Henry Schmidt, John and Phyllis Stewart, Vancouver Foundation, and Wilfred and Amy Wong


We would like to acknowledge the donations of over $6,000 which the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir has received In Memory of Dr. John Crosby who passed away on 15th July, 2020.  John was a long-time member of our choir who is fondly remembered by all those who knew him.  His contributions to the choir are many including music arrangements which remain in our choir’s active repertoire.

We also acknowledge the generous contributions to the choir’s Endowment Fund by Herbert Jenkin and Gerry Hildebrand.

We note that the contribution by RBC Royal Bank was made possible through the participation in the bank’s Employee Volunteer Program by Gail Ryan and Leslie Mak.



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