A Message to all our Loyal Supporters and Ticket Holders

Patrons who have purchased tickets to our recent Celtic concerts and have not requested or received refunds should hold on to them or their receipts for now and await further announcements on our website. Please consider your tickets as a donation to the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir. As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we rely heavily on the support of donors and single-ticket buyers. This support is crucial to the choir’s very existence, and we have seen significant losses due to the impact of COVID-19. By donating your tickets, you are providing vital support for the music that inspires and connects our community.

Those who prefer to attend a concert later in the year will be able to use those tickets at a future concert once our new schedule has been announced later this year. Further details will be posted on this website when they are available so please check this website regularly. It is our hope to share the joy of singing with you in the not too distant future.

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Why Did You Join the Choir?

In the past year we have interviewed ten members of the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir to ask what drew them to the choir. Learn more about our members and how you can join.

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Without the generous donations from our loyal supporters, we wouldn’t be able to share the joy of singing with each other or with our audiences. We greatly appreciate all donations, big or small, so why not donate what you can?

Vancouver Choir Bursary

We believe in collaborating with and supporting youth choirs and soloists in our community, which is why we offer two bursaries annually for post-secondary music students. Our bursary program demonstrates our youth support and provides opportunities for qualifying singers and musicians to join us live on stage at a concert in Vancouver! Get in touch today to apply for one of our bursaries. 


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