Why Did You Join the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir?

In the past year we have interviewed ten members of the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir pictured above to ask what drew them to the choir.  Their responses though varied have three common threads.

Camaraderie and the Sense of Family

Firstly it is the camaraderie and the sense of family that the choir brings.  Almost every respondent commented on the sense of belonging that the choir fosters – men caring for one another and enjoying each other’s company through weekly rehearsals, concerts and tours.

Anthony Sullano, First Tenor, writes:

“Being a part of the choir has allowed me to meet people of all ages and walks of life and to enjoy the tremendous camaraderie and friendship established over many years of rehearsals, concerts and pub nights!”

Improving Your Craft

Secondly it is the opportunity to improve their craft and to experience the stress relief that singing in a choir brings.  Evan Jones, Second Tenor, puts it well:

“I am very impressed by the skills of our music director and piano accompanist, and I have learned far more than I expected about singing. I enjoy the once-a-week total immersion in music for a few hours as a break from my work day.”

Rob Thomson, Second Tenor and a long time guitarist/lead singer in rock and roll bands, adds:

“Joining the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir has been a life changing experience, learning singing technique, posture, proper breathing and how to warm up, all of which I thought I knew but really had no clue. With the great guidance and coaching the choir voices receive, I feel my singing getting stronger, steadier and more confident as time progresses.”

Joy of Singing

Thirdly it is the joy of singing, particularly the extraordinary experience of a large male voice choir singing in the Welsh tradition.  Roger Malhame, Baritone describes his first VWMC concert this way:

“I was mesmerized from the first. I was immersed in harmonies that opened the skies and allowed shafts of sunlight to break through the clouds. The sensorial experience moved me musically to a place I had never been before. It went on song after song, those weaving moving four part harmonies that moistened my eyes with the wonder of it all. The sheer scope and majestic sweep of the music has elevated me musically.”

Go to our Facebook page to read these choir profiles in full @vancouverwelshmenschoir. We are always open to new members. Please email our Chair of Membership Graeme Chard at graeme_c@shaw.ca for more information.