Free Music Downloads

During these challenging times we want you to be able to continue to enjoy the sounds of the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir. Each month we will be releasing one or two recordings of some of our all-time favourites. This music will be free to download so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

The two pieces selected for summer 2021 are the ‘Canadian Portraits’ and ‘Stout Hearted Men’. Both pieces are available for download through the link below.

And be sure to check out our ‘Summer Celebration’ video set to the tune of ‘Stout Hearted Men’.

To download a song, right click on the file and choose ‘download’. If you’re still having trouble downloading, check out this tutorial starting at about the 45 second mark. Please note that these downloads work best on a desktop computer or laptop. If you are using a tablet or phone you may experiences some challenges if you don’t have a Google Drive app installed.

The Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir would be most grateful if you find yourself in the financial position to make a donation towards our continued operations. For forty years we have been sharing our joy of singing with audiences young and old. With your help, we will be sharing it with you for another forty.

For more information on charitable giving, please visit our ‘Donation’ page. Here you will find information on our Endowment Fund, as well as how we show our thanks to donors.